an artivistic project

40,000 moments of infinity

“40,000 animals are killed every second in the world, 
just to satisfy our palate. 
Most of them are marine animals. 
40,000 desperate migrants have lost their lives at sea. 40,000 plastic bottles perpetuate Earthʼs liquid nightmare; continuously contaminating ocean water, each second.
On land, it is no better.
Each year, in the U.S. 
– that beacon of Western civilization – 
drug addiction claims 40,000 lives; 
firearms kill 40,000 people; 
car accidents result in 40,000 deaths; 
40,000 souls commit suicide; 
and sexual violence slithers into the lives 
of 40,000 girls and children.
Beautiful and precious: our entire “civilization” has its days numbered… 40,000 days, according to one of the most intelligent scientists of the twentieth century. 40, 000 hours, according to others with newer data.
A handful of years separate us 
from a sixth mass extinction.
Soon, a planet home to life for billions of years will struggle to host even microscopic organisms. 
And, yet, microorganisms suggest a way to put an end to this incredible nightmare…
40,000 microorganisms are exchanged in a single kiss. “Infinity captured in the bee’s brief visit to a flower”. 
On the edge of extinction, only love remains.”

Alfredo Meschi X

That historical period, that global crisis, marked the end of civilization, but also the beginning of a new way of life. That’s why in this museum of disappeared civilizations, together with many finds, we still keep its skin today.